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With roots in Stockholm, Sweden, I describe myself as a remote marketing strategist that guides small business owners to market themselves - both visually and strategically, online.

I'm all about traveling and exploring both internal and external worlds and I'm usually working remotely from all over the world.


My mission is to offer real support to creators when launching their creations and offerings. I am passionate about seeing other brave souls expand into their purpose and being there for them when taking their next steps in their business journeys. 


Besides marketing and photography, I love to create music, dance, hug trees, meditate and swim in the ocean. These are the self-care tools I use to recharge and get new inspiration. Self-care is something I advocate for in all my work with clients - as it's an essential part of the creative process and of a sustainable business. 


If you feel like I could be your vibe, let's create together! Book a strategy call to connect or write me an email. I'm so excited to meet you and help you grow.

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