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My name is Sophia Valencé Carrhage and I am a Swedish 26 y/o artist and producer with roots in Stockholm. Since a young age I have found singing and expressing my creativity as a form of meditaion. Having played in a number of bands I now focus on exploring music as a solo artist - VALENCÉ.

In my early 20’s I found an urge to learn more about music production to transcend my ideas to reality. This resulted in two years of studying at music school in the north of Sweden where my

vision and ideas for the solo project VALENCÉ arose. After my studies I moved back to my hometown Stockholm and became a member of the women’s and non-binary’s creative collective called Oda Studios.

This inspired a period where I lived in India, finding guidance in yoga and meditation to build my own creative space. Now, some years later, I place my energy in finding myself spiritually, emotionally, and musically. My project VALENCÉ explores soul and ambient pop blending with sounds of organic elements.

My debut EP 'Pieces' feat. Lionman was released on November 4th, 2021.

Follow VALENCÉ and @sophiacarrhage for updates. 

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I want to start by introducing myself as an artist and creative. 


It all started with me finding a space in music. A place where I could just be and where everything else became quiet. Where I could spend time alone with my soul. As I grew up and integrated with society, I grew out of my body and started to get more stuck in my head. I had begun to focus on what everyone else thought of me rather than what I actually felt. At 22 years old, I had to start over. 


Now I will begin again. Here is my intro, my start. From my heart to yours.

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