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About Sophia

Who am I?

With roots in Roslagen's forests, in Sweden, I describe myself as a digital and remote consultant in web communication and content. I create content for social media, strategy, websites, identity, and assist with PR for my clients. As the Capricorn that I am, I guide and organize your business into a better brand online. 


In addition to my passion for authentic marketing, I travel a lot and explore both inner and outer worlds, usually working remotely around the world.


Seeing brave companies expand their purpose is a great driving force and I am passionate about seeing my clients take steps forward in their business journeys.


In addition to web communication and photography, I spend a lot of time painting, dancing, meditating and swimming in the sea. I advocate self-love in all my work together with my clients - as it is an essential part of the creative process for a sustainable business in my opinion. 


If I'm your vibe, let's create together. Book a strategy call by sending me an email. Can't wait to see you grow!


Social Media, Strategy, PR, Content, Photography, Web Design, Branding 

The Soul Space

Sophia is amazing to create with. We always feel very comfortable every time we shoot. She has a beautiful soul, takes great content and she knows her way around marketing and social media. We recommend her with all our hearts!


Sophia is easy to work with, positive, calm and happy. She takes on feedback easily and she learns quickly! She owns her role as social media manager and photographer with us and she brings her creativity to work.

Inner Patience

It has been a pleasure working with Sophia! With her creativity, our company flourished and came to life through images, new brand identity and website. She has such a big heart. We cannot recommend her enough!


Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom

Google Business Suite





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